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Are you curious about the name? PostScript is the expression represented by P.S. which means “written after.” We include it at the end of correspondence to add an additional thought or to emphasize a specific message. You know: P.S.  I miss you; write back soon!

For us, PostScript is a stationery and gift shop designed to bring back the art of hand written correspondence. In this technology driven environment, I feel particularly special if I get a postcard, birthday card or letter from someone rather than a Facebook message. Don’t you love to open the mailbox and find something other than junk mail and bills?

Our goal is to provide everything you need to celebrate life’s special events with pen and paper. You can stop in, buy a card (and pen), grab a cup of coffee from Crimson & Whipped Cream, sit and write your letter, buy a stamp and mail it without leaving the building!

I know there are people in your life who would love a personal note from you!  Make someone happy – send some snail mail today!!

E. Ashleigh Barnett

P.S. Looking forward to meeting you!

Upcoming Events

OCTOBER 29, 2017
A Modern Calligraphy Workshop
with Sarah Ederer, Celeste Paper Co.